Friday, November 9, 2012

Spectral Being - Ritualistic Burning (AD051)

cosmic zoners for the death star.  peace and love to my friends at Humboldt Relief :)

As the artwork suggests, Spectral Being permeates your head with over one hour of kosmische zoners.  Ritualistic Burning is a listening experience characterized by immersion.  While one could conceivably listen to this while performing other tasks, it would not allow the listener to form the deep relationship that this music deserves.  These tracks have the power to transport you to that peaceful place in your head.   With each track, the listener can feel this trio of friends - Kyle Landstra, synth and loops; Chris Kondrat, synth and effects; and Mitch Smith, bass and effects - becoming more strong as a unit.

The tape commences with 'Upon a Circular Dawn', in which inchoate tones mingle in the shadow of an ascendant sun - a very playful, intimate atmosphere.  Without notice, Zawinul-like tones - uplifting, bright and friendly - appear and contrast nicely with the sparkling synth.  The mood changes with 'Decoding Pyramid Transmissions'.   This track is very psychedelic, and I did not expect the beautiful shoegaze sound that emanates from multiple layers of synth.  Soon, slow moving waves of sound wander without constraint - gorgeous!  Next, they proffer music for which to countenance one's fate.  'Interfacing with Earth's Gravitational Hum' is concomitantly beautiful and unsettling.  It presents an excellent juxtaposition in mood.  Tones are birthed from the cosmos, then grow tendrils that embrace one with its buzzing energy.  The bass supports the overall sound nicely in the fourth track, 'Ancient Memory'.  In some of the tracks, the bass is too loud and obscures the synth - all tracks were recorded live.  However, it feels just right on this track.  With this type of music, the bass can play an integral role; and, I eagerly await to hear future recordings. With the kush smoke enveloping everything in the room, 'Tidal Sequence' kicks off the flipside with bouncy notes and textured synth - similar in feel to the first track.  The next two tracks are 'Ritualistic Burnings part 1 and 2'.  In the first, the trio really comes to life and they display a wonderful sense of space.  Nothing is forced here and things develop naturally.  Elongated tones move innocently in the glistening light - music for gazing inward as one feels the breath moving sinuously through the body, aided by the gentle, friendly tones.  In 'part 2', a sublime drone extends to the stars while arpeggios swirl in the sweet spirit smoke.  The tape closes with the stellar, 'Forest Cathedral'.  

Ritualistic Burning is an excellent first release from this talented trio.  The weed tree divined that more sweet spirit smoke could possibly permeate your head in the near future.  Ritualistic Burning was produced in an edition of 40, and it is accompanied by the awesome artwork/photography of Jackie Riman with the layout attributed to Joshua Tabbia.  Don't sleep on this tape.  One may purchase Ritualistic Burning directly from Already Dead Tapes.

peace and love, friends :)