Friday, November 30, 2012

Matt Krefting - Sweet Days of Discipline (KSE #220)

feeling fortunate to span time with this artist - one of the best listens of 2012.  peace and love to my friends at Humboldt Relief :)

Best of 2012

For those that listen to a lot of music - or outside of music, tend to realize the beauty of the moment/the significance of the breath- there are times when one actualizes the experience.  By that, I refer to exhibiting a profound appreciation of the present moment.  For the past five months, the music on Sweet Days of Discipline -the latest release from Matt Krefting on Kendra Steiner Editions - has traversed and illuminated the labyrinthine welter of synapses and receptors, leaving me in awe.  Simply stated, this is the type of music one remembers fondly years later.  This tape-based music has extracted tears from my burning eyes, produced elation, and left my mouth agape at its unrivaled beauty. 'Elegant' is about as apt of a descriptor for these affecting hymns.  There is something otherworldly that emanates from the speakers. 2012 has produced many wonderful aural treats.  Within that set is a subset of sonic experiences for which there is no comparison.  Sweet Days of Discipline glistens like my best bud.   If you are that kind, then don't waste a second - head over to Kendra Steiner Editions to purchase this beautiful nug.

peace and love, friends :)