Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Ignatz - Because Time is Too Short (TPCASS04)

throwing sweet, dank nugs at the head of Krazy Kat.  peace and love to my friends at Humboldt Relief :)

BEST OF 2012

This nug is unlike anything you will hear in 2012.  Ignatz is the moniker of Brussels-based artist, Bram Devens.  When Bram is not expanding minds with sativa-smoking Sylvester Anfang ii, he creates third-eye zoners that are a nexus of folk and blues - even a little rock sometimes.   Because Time is Too Short - the latest Ignatz release on Belgian label, Taping Policies - is full of deep-fried blues and folk that will re-animate your THC receptors.  This singular sound is achieved through acoustic instrumentation and effects, with improvisation an important component.  

The tape achieves lift off with the upbeat, 'Some People Keep Their Change'.  This track is comprised of skittish strings and Bram's unmistakable croon.  The next track, 'Stop Shining' is entirely different, as a welter of strings bathed in effects and random transmissions circle overhead.  '(Oh) I know you', the third track, is my favorite of the cassette.  For those that enjoyed the Virgil Caine re-issue on Time-Lag, this one is for you. It's full of deep-fried, ramshackle blues that mix perfectly with Bram's voice.  The mood changes with the next track, 'Inside Sight', an introspective zoner of scraped strings and quivering vocals.  The last track on side A, 'The Evening Light', is notable for its delicate strings and ethereal aesthetic - reminiscent of the excellent In Search of Light by Danny Paul Grody.  One instantly settles, as the flip starts with the playful, 'I Miss My Dog'.  However, the mood changes with, 'Pale Moon' as somber, warped strings float through the thin night air and are then pervaded by a beam of concentrated energy.  Another favorite is the fourth track, 'Everyday Vodka'.  Bram's vocals have a different quality in this track, as whimsical strings are blurred with effects.  Later, a beautiful effect is achieved with cascading, woozy strings.

This tape - and the entire Ignatz discography - will always have a safe spot on the top shelf.  Released in an edition of 100 on black cassette shells, Because Time is Too Short is adorned with Bram's wonderful artwork.  Ignatz releases disappear quickly.  Perusing US shops and distros, not many older releases are available.  Therefore, order directly from Taping Policies before this one goes OOP.

peace and love, friends :)

Ignatz - a tape release show from Taping Policies on Vimeo.