Saturday, November 17, 2012

González & Steenkiste - Through the Mountain (FCR11)

The description on the Bear Bones website recommends listening to this in the sky or on the couch - race you to the couch, and then we will meet in the sky!  peace and love to my friends at Humboldt Relief :)

Sometimes life can be vexing.  Issues can descend upon one from many angles, engendering helplessness.  At that time, it's appropriate to reach for the medicine, and i'm talking about Through the Mountain.     Through the Mountain is the second release from González & Steenkiste, bros from trichome-packing Sylvester Anfang ii.  The zoners on this release, from the beloved Feathered Coyote Records, are multifaceted; listen to to them in the morning, and it awakens the soul as the sun welcomes you to a new day.  Listen to these drones at night, however, and it will transport you to the constellations that abound in the navy blue sky.  Much like life, on this tape the process is the best part.  If one passes through too quickly without exhibiting appreciation - focused on the objective rather than process - then one forgoes an opportunity to enjoy the journey.  The soothing drones on this tape resonate with peaceful energy and mindful awareness.  It is replete with introspective zoners that snake through the labyrinth of synapses and receptors.  The radiant energy at the top of the mountain is supreme.

The beginning of the journey commences with 'Foot'.  Incipient drones move languidly, yet produce sublime vibrations that suffuse the environment with serenity.  The pastoral, sun-baked drones are akin to an offering.    As we ascend the mountain, we arrive at the 'Belly'.  In this area, charged, resonating vibrations move across the expanse and consume the body, producing euphoria.  It possesses a different energy compared to the first track - a silver beam of radiant sound - as swirling tones gently lift the body.  Next, one arrives at the 'Chest'.  At such heights, one may become woozy.  However, this introspective zoner is the fuel for flight.  Over a gorgeous drone, shrieks of violin move unpredictably. Yet, the music always massages the front of your head.  Hopeful vibrations are ubiquitous.  Continuing onward, ominous vibrations abound as the peak of the mountain shrouds the departing sun.  However, 'Eye' signals arrival with an alluring mix of sound - celebratory.

This one is highly recommended!  When it comes to Sylvester Anfang ii side projects, González & Steenkiste can puff with the best of them.  Through the Mountain features the beautiful artwork of Ernesto González.  One may purchase this glistening nug directly from Uli.

peace and love, friends :)