Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Thoughts on Air - Glow on (TQ24)

Glow On with Mr. Nice Guy, thanks to FadedFools

UPDATE: buy this cassette from these distros:  Discriminate and Tomentosa in the USA, Boa Melody Bar in the UK, and S.O.L Sound in Japan

After a heartbreaking loss in the Champions League semifinal, it is no coincidence that i'm listening to the new Thoughts on Air tape from Tranquility Tapes, appropriately titled, Glow on.  Tranquility Tapes and Scott Johnson, aka Thoughts on Air, have commenced 2012 fruitfully.  Tranquility has already released stellar tapes from Ghostrider; the Aloha Spirit; Pierrot Lunaire; and Eagle Altar among others.  Meanwhile, Thoughts on Air released Paleo Sails on Avant Archive and Psongs of Retrospect Vol 1. from Hobo Cult.  Therefore, it is sensical that these two bodies of warm energy coalesce, producing something greater than the sum of their respective parts.  Glow on is a missive brimming with positive energy, dedicated to friends and fellow sonic travelers.

Regarding the aforementioned positive energy, read the following words from Scott, which appear on inside flap: My friends we are all a beautiful meltdown...Glow on and on forever as you are... Thanks for lighting the path ahead so brightly.  Prior to listening to the tape, this special dedication echoed in my mind.  After listening to this tape, it is apparent that these magnanimous words, to a great extent, inform his art.  Those words light the path, allowing one to bask in the warm psychedelic glow that is Thoughts on Air.

"ZY" starts things off with some hazy, warm guitar and effects.  A really nice sound that has shades of Knit Prism.  "Fin" starts off like a delicate, cool spring morning, with its glistening tones juxtaposed to crackle and pops of the tape. The tape seamlessly goes into the warm synth and guitar of "Cue" - distorted and beautiful.  The music has an natural quality to it and it is definitely conspicuous on this track.  Music such as this should be liberated from an indoor environment and realized outdoors.  Near the end he plays some glowing keyboard notes that float over the guitar - a real nice progression.  The last track on side A exhibits an interesting side of Thoughts on Air, with the eastern vibe and mysticism evoked by "MFWAAABMD".  The recording and the guitar remind me of the earlier albums from Songs of the Green Pheasant.  A great way to close out Side A.

"Glow on" starts off the flip and contains buoyant melodies.  Some of the synth here is overflowing with natural beauty and reminds me of Zawinul.  Next comes my favorite track on the album, "Hawaiia" - the sounds of which evoke feelings of Endless Summer.  It starts off with warm guitar tones and then something which sounds like a bass - but i'm guessing its the synth - enters and provides a nice foundation.  Quickly after, Scott overlays a nice pattern of notes.  One thing is for sure, Scott is adept at arranging sounds.  Two more tracks close out the flipside.

Well, my footie team lost and i'm out of fuckin booze, but at least i have the warmth of Thoughts on Air to keep me afloat.  As with the majority of Tranquility cassettes, the artwork is beautiful.  The colors correspond to the feel of the music nicely.  For those interested in purchasing a copy, scroll to the beginning for links to distros.

Peace, my friends