Wednesday, April 11, 2012

High Aura’d / Xela - Third Life / Fourth Life (SLG047)

update to post:  John just notified me that there were no keyboards used on this recording, which is live, one take.  For the readers, i'm sorry if my references to the synth were misleading.  Thank you, John!  Peace, my friends :)

05/29/12: Available at Tomentosa  
05/13/12:  Available at Discriminate

A tape of great value possesses most of the following elements: music which ascends and bathes your personal temple in radiant light ; beautiful artwork; and a personal touch. Third Life, the magnificent drone release from High Aura'd, the moniker of John Kolodij - reissued on Sweat Lodge Guru - is unequivocally sacred. High Aura'd has a penchant for creating singular, affective music.  Mostly a guitar piece, though keys can be heard, Third Life exists in a weightless realm, a sonic body hovering.  Through the early going, the tones and chords remind me of Oren Ambarchi. The transitions and layered elements are added adroitly; and he knows just when to introduce warm, swelling sounds. Approximately three-quarters through, John introduces sounds that could have emanated from the guitar of Steven R. Smith. This track manifests as something highly personal and lucid.  If John were a futbol player, Third Life would be a golazo - a gol of the highest magnitude.  

John Twells - Xela and proprietor of Type Records - reanimates Third Life on the flip, producing the warm and heavy, Fourth Life.  The track is infused with percussion early in the track, sounding like raindrops on tin, while radiant energy exudes from John's setup.  Halfway through there sounds are emitted which remind me of Tim Hecker.  Xela, too, has a proclivity for skillfully adding elements, whether it is the synth patterns that occasionally line the mix from below or the intermittent flashes of synth that appear near the end.  The culmination of the B side is evidence of a tape that should be listened to regularly.

This tape has yet to appear at the distros, though it was released - and instantly sold out at the source - over one month ago.  For information on ordering, check out the High Aura'd webpage.

Peace, my friends