Thursday, April 5, 2012

Eureka - Recognitions (AA019)

The coffee and smoke are still running strong.  Glistening drops of morning dew descend from verdant leaves - the nascent feeling of spring, of rebirth, is ubiquitous on this temperate morning in early April.  It is difficult to imagine a more serene, apt setting for Recognitions, the latest release from William Giacchi's Eureka project.  

Fecund is the perfect word to describe William's output during the last four or five years.  Chances are that you have jammed to his stoned grooves as part of Magic Lantern; basked in the psychedelic glow of Silver Bullets, which William produced; or been moved by his collaborative work with Stunned man Phil French as Super Minerals.    

Recognitions is laced with free flowing piano jams and various instruments, including barely audible strings.  Basically, however, Recognitions is the portrait of William and his piano.  Both sides overflow with cascading keys, producing copious notes which reflect much like molecules in a heated environment.  Though not everything is of uniform pace.  Throughout, William uses space adeptly, allowing the notes to glide on the air, transforming the environment.  Overall, the feel here is warm, free and unadulterated.

Avant Archive is one of my favorite labels.  There is a unique warmth which pervades an Avant Archive tape, which is due to proprietor and Black Eagle Child man, Michael Jantz.  Though it is early in 2012, Avant Archive has emerged as one of the best labels this year, garnering a slew of high quality releases including Thoughts on Air, Hakobune, and the excellent Abyssal Farmers, which is a collaboration of Frank Baugh and Uton.  Recognitions is available directly from Avant Archive.  

Peace, my friends