Monday, April 9, 2012

Sylvester Anfang ii - Perzische Tapijten (GPS075)

thanks to weedsmokersguide for the thai

BEST OF 2012

Shit man... if you are going to drop the needle on this nug, then you better go big.  Once the electric snake-like bass - tortuously weaving a path through the synapses - delivers the medicine, there is no turning back.  Sylvester Anfang ii return with their most impressive statement to date, Perzische Tapijten. The Great Pop Supplement (GPS) provides the tricked out vehicle to recalibrate your consciousness. No bud is left unscathed as the Funeral Folkers leave their imprimatur on six tracks of heavy psychedelia ranging from the mysterious synth beauty of "Assassijn" to third-eye guitar freakouts such as "Schadelijke Sektarische Organisatie".  There is a ubiquitous eastern vibe in these grooves, and overall the sounds remind me of Phallus Dei, Agitation Free and German Oak.  

In the lp category for sounds of the year, this nestles nicely into the #1 position.  Every Anfang release is cause for celebration, but for me this is the best stuff yet - a realization of artists that have honed their craft for years.  Dom, the man at GPS, did a stellar job with the release.  Furthermore, he ensured that the lp was nicely secured and shipped outside the sleeve.  Though i'm unsure if Dom still has more copies, I highly recommend ordering direct from GPS for future releases.  You can find Perzische Tapijten at Eclipse Records and Experimedia.  

Peace, my friends