Thursday, June 5, 2014

Unicity - S/T (PURR041)

crystal covered slow burners precipitate sweet relief. peace and love to my friends at Humboldt Relief :)

Infinite radiant stellar objects bring about astral reverie. Unicity's self-titled release on Constellation Tatsu is a synthesizer adventure through the cosmos. Layers of blissful, variegated synth coalesce to make the speakers breath. This particular release has a dreamlike quality; Sections segue adroitly, focusing the listener's mind on emerging sonic phenomena. Parts evolve subtly, which endow the music with an expansive and encompassing feel. Overall, Unicity's mindful approach makes for stellar compositions. As we accelerate into vastness, an entrancing synth loop and ethereal drone put the listener at ease; concurrently, signals echo to illuminate the starry mind. Shortly, we arrive in a dubious environment characterized by minimal drone and interstellar tones that warble. As awareness flowers, resplendent blinding ecstasy is absorbed by each pore. Distant synth registers as barely perceptible, while bleary drone proves disorienting. My favorite part of the tape occurs soon as copious new age vibrations circulate among tidal sounds. Swirling light colors are emitted from the speakers among plaintive synth. Embryonic pulses fill the air. Quietly emerging, other cosmic elements begin to shimmer - crystalline, pulsating, ringing. A solemn drone caught up in a celestial vortex is spewed into the infinite releasing warm, tranquil vibrations.

These dreamy jams should keep your head flying high! One of three excellent tapes from the Constellation Tatsu's spring batch, the S/T release from Winnipeg's cosmic explorer is available directly from Constellation Tatsu for $6. Why not give a little more at the margin? Pick up all three cassettes (Les Halles and X.Y.R.) for $13.

peace and love, friends :)