Monday, June 9, 2014

Orto Stro - Deaverchester (TST008)

lost in the haze of these sweet vibes. peace and love to my friends at Humboldt Relief :)

While I have yet to hear the entire discography of Twin Springs Tapes, Deaverchester's mix of hazy ambience, virulent noise and visceral apprehension presents a nice contrast to many of the releases covered here. A somewhat mysterious release on Twin Springs Tapes, a dearth of information is available about Orto Stro, an artist based in Asheville, North Carolina. Though I was unable to locate anything on discogs, the soundcloud page will allow you to sample the foreboding ambient goods that make Deaverchester such an irresistible listen. Orto Stro's music is saturated with palpable disquiet and warm sound; guitar and drone create otherworldly transmissions that momentarily seem lucid, only to be obscured by nascent noise and eventually subsumed by a deluge. Yet, as the noise devours the tape - flecks of memory swirling in the breeze - there's something beautiful that juts up from the sprawling mass of disquietude. Given the intensity of Deaverchester, I recommend leaving your mental luggage at the door and ensuring that the crystal-covered provisions are sufficient. Upon pressing play, solemn, warm guitar drone subtly becomes ensconced in morphing noise. Suddenly, one feels less proximate; not necessarily enveloped by the slowly unfurling intensity, but it reminds me of the manner in which time warps the accurate portrayal of a memory - quite lovely. Sinister screams ravage the tape, and distended voices roar with feral intensity. The listener travels in a noisy kaleidoscope on the flipside. One is shrouded by frenetic noise immediately. When it finally abates, the charred fragments still displaying a crackling afterglow, something dubious emerges; we may need some boots for this. Abruptly, encroaching noise writhes uncontrollably.  

Produced with lots of love, Deaverchester comes in an edition of 50 cassettes and may be purchased directly from Twin Springs.

peace and love, friends :)