Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Death Rattle - Death Rattle (House of Alchemy 076)

Brutalizer's crystals go up in smoke in the place where bedlam dwells. peace and love to my friends at Humboldt Relief :)

My good buddy from Buffalo ruminates, almost venerably, about the frigid blanket that each winter envelops the denizens of this fine city; the frost covered peaks of homes fighting what seems like interminable bleakness; the icy labyrinthine streets, corridors on which pallid light from above reflects somberly. A tape which fits perfectly in House of Alchemy's discography, the terminal vibrations exuded on Death Rattle would melt the thick ice of desolate winter instantaneously. For some time this Buffalo duo, Jim Abramson and Pat Cain, have been lighting up minds with their highly charged end-game burners. Death Rattle create terror-laced and psychedelic-tinged improvisations. They shake the crystals from your glistening flower and then suffuse the room with an ominous haze; two guys that explore outer zones fervently, working their sound into a frenzy before exploding into infinite luminous particles. 

These guys strike sparks right from the start. Spacey electronics and frenzied drumming pummel one unsuspectingly. Cain works the saxophone hard, coaxing myriad variegated transmissions. The atmosphere could be characterized as lo-fi, sinister and cold. Abramson's presence over the drums is one of the memorable facets of this tape. Rolling disquiet generates a palpable chill as a devouring voice emits expansive terror. The visceral unease felt in the latter stage of track two on side A kept me on edge. Unstable electronics spiral downward; burned out vibrations buzz venomously abutting a depraved voice. A full blown maelstrom awaits on the flip. Cain's sax stretches for the sky among withering energy comprised of percussion and deranged utterances. The climax smolders brightly. Were you to ask about a recommendation, I would reply: Cain and Abramson imbue this cassette with primal intensity, awash in mystery, oddity, trepidation, wonder and ritual. Whether billowing a dense, dark apprehension or traversing the dreary, dank catacombs, Death Rattle does not abate until the last faint gargle. Are you lifted yet?

Death Rattle shakes with feral intensity perched atop House of Alchemy's crystal covered steeple. Produced in an edition of 100, Death Rattle may be purchased directly from House of Alchemy.

peace and love, friends :)