Monday, February 3, 2014

Derridium - Close Encounters with Interior Furniture (JRS 002)

heavenly buds. peace and love to my friends at Humboldt Relief :)

Close Encounters with Interior Furniture, from Derridium on JRS Select CDr and Tapes, is replete with evocative and solemn synthesizer passages. Buoyant energy swirls in the spacious, sun filled sky. "Close Encounters with the Same Kind" is comprised of radiant passages of synth. Voluminous drones billow in the slipstream. Tangential waves glisten in the blinding heavenly light. Solemn drones are juxtaposed to fractured energy and crystalline structures. Soft passages of synth contort and disintegrate, yet resonate within - ethereal, affecting music that fans of Fennesz and Tim Hecker will appreciate. For all the plaudits on side A, the flip is where the heavy action resides. "Dislocated Interior Furniture" is quite different from the empyrean climate and peaceful vibrations of side A. Menacing noise leads to an ominous static-laced drone that pulsates and writhes. Shortly, the heavy elements turn a shade of blue as the poignancy builds with each iteration. Harrowing sounds and wailing voices abut a static-laced drone. As with side A, Derridium exhibits a proclivity for creating moving music. However, on the flip the artist accomplishes this using a different section of the palette.

For those who enjoy this tape, the Derridium soundcloud page should satisfy your needs. Close Encounters with Interior Furniture is produced in an edition of 25 cassettes. Copies are still available directly from JRS.

peace and love, friends :)