Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Bear Bones, Lay Low - El Telonero (KO76)

Ernesto, this bud's for you!  peace and love to my friends at Humboldt Relief :)

It is a celebratory time in many respects.  First, KRAAK recently announced that they will receive continued funding, which will allow them to fulfill their mission!  Next, around the same time as the funding decision, the latest Bear Bones, Lay Low lp, El Telonero, was released on this venerable label.  This lp is so good that lately it has pushed other luminaries, such as Robbie Basho and Sandy Bull, to the side.  This lp is full of catchy melodies and rhythms that, in some instances, will make you want to dance.  Given those words, it's high time (pardon the pun) for pre-listening rituals.    

One of the most anticipated lp's this year delivers in style!  Strap your feet to the hovercraft, and prepare for the bountiful psychedelic spectacles that fill both sides of wax.  This is a side of Bear Bones, Lay Low that I have yet to hear.  El Telonero is more song-oriented, playful and lighter - while still retaining some heavy zoners - compared to the past tapes and lps.  Upon dropping the needle, 'Hazy Frog' confirms this.  The next track, 'A Fourth Ring', is an absolute zoner - heavy psych vibes here.  'Bien Gracias' follows, and it is full of catchy melodies.  'Persona' is the kief for your high flying bowl; a funk/fusion masterpiece.  One of the best tracks of the year.  'Dunas / Goofin'' closes out the first side in style.  The track has a transition in the middle where eastern-tinged synth fills the sanctuary with glowing sounds.  The flip continues serving up the good vibes with 'Lavande Apaisante'.  The cool rhythm and loop that starts out the track is joined by really nice synth.  The synth is perfectly placed behind the loop and other layers are added. - another standout track.  'Genesis 6: 1-17' jumps the rail with its tropical rhythms and acid guitar.  'Drive Sucks' and 'Ganesha en Interiores', respectively, close out the second side.  The latter is heavy psych drift.  A great way to end the album.

 El Telonero was created between 2010 and 2012, and the distilled product represents some of the best tracks this year.  The feel-good soundtrack for the summer can be purchased at Mimaroglu, or directly from KRAAK.

peace to you, friends :)