Friday, November 2, 2012

Hering und seine sieben Sachen - On Kwas (CW07)

sweet and sticky sounds from the Sicsic master!  peace and love to my friends at Humboldt Relief :)

Friends, you are in for a real treat!  Here we have a collection of late night zoners and moonshakers from Sicsic master, Daniel Voigt.  For those unaware, Daniel is the proprietor of my favorite tape label, Sicsic tapes.  For me, the beauty of Sicsic tapes is analogous to way Stunned Records became a prominent part of my life.  One brings these sounds into their home, and they become inextricably linked - imbuing the crests and troughs of a certain time and place with friendly aural matter.  And, that is how this tape, On Kwas by Hering und seine sieben Sachen on Cosmic Winnetou, affects me.  There is a certain mystique about these sounds that makes the night time the right time for listening.  There is a disclaimer of sorts that accompanies this tape: music like a young kitten.  very soft at the neck. but beware of those claws.  Initially, it gave me a good chuckle, bringing a smile to my face.  Those words, however, accurately describe the feel of this music.  Daniel created and dedicated these tracks in anticipation of a trip to Moldova.  Everything here is live, with no overdubs; and, Daniel's gear for this release includes synth, sampler, tapes and effects.

The title track comprises side A, and it has many faces.  It commences with a playful, buoyant melody.  One wonders that which will follow - and then the sharp claws manifest.  The playful tones fade, and they are replaced by haunting, hard to decipher vocals.  The sound heaves and recedes, becoming menacing at the peaks.  The effervescent tones from the beginning are long gone.  Soon electrically charged sound circulates in the environment, buttressing the vocals.  At this juncture, lots of elements are audible concurrently - it seems to be reaching a climax.  And, then gradually, the first part recurs, yet not as effervescent.  Instead of emitting buoyancy, the sound moves languidly.  Later in the track, there is a transition in which warm, yet contemplative tones caress your head.  Quite alluring!  The flipside starts with 'Wobbleknee', a much different sounding track.  The synth has the energy of heated molecules, echoing, as vibrant tones bounce excitedly in the cosmos.  Twinkling sounds and soporific vibrations add another element to this engaging track.  'Mulberry Stains' is the stuff of legends.  It's an irresistible track, that exhibits Daniel's acuity with pace.  Calm, resonant beams of synth rise and break, enveloping the listener in pure reverie.  Next, solitary flares of bright color are emitted as heavy tones bounce in the mix.  Tender tones dance excitedly on the crests of dreamy waves, as the track closes with obscured vocals.

Listening to the latest batch of Cosmic Winnetou (Mark Bradley, Sylvia Monnier, and Hering und seine sieben Sachen) fills me with alacrity for the next set of tapes.  On Kwas was produced on chrome tape, home-dubbed on akai tape deck in real time, and accompanied by a professionally printed j-card featuring the artwork of Ronnie Oliveras. One should act quickly as this limited edition of 50 hand-numbered copies is nearly sold out at the source - only two copies remain. I love bringing the sounds of Cosmic Winnetou into my home. Invite these sounds into your home, and allow Cosmic Winnetou to illuminate your headspace.

peace and love, friends :)